Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Street Dance 2 - Film Review.

Before even getting to the cinema I could predict almost perfectly the whole plot of this film. The trailer does give most of it away, but the gaps where it doesn't tell you what happens are easy to fill in.

As with most dance films, there is a competition to win. After humiliating himself in front of the 'unbeatable' crew, Invincible, street-dancer Ash (Falk Hentschel) has even more motivation for winning the 'Final Clash' - he just needs a crew. That is where Eddie comes in (George Sampson, runner up of 2007 Britain's Got Talent). Eddie approaches Ash with the desire of being his manager. Miraculously the fired-popcorn-boy and teenage manager are able to fund a trip around Europe to gather all of the top street dancers, who Eddie somehow knows of, personally or otherwise.

Almost everything about this film is unrealistic. The plot is unrealistic, the acting is unbelievable - most probably seeing as they are primarily dancers, and some of the scenarios are just absurd. I get that it is just supposed to be a bit of light fun and entertainment - but would the whole dance crew really all wake up at the same time due to one person snoring, all have the same idea of attacking him with pillows, and the room - somehow carpeted in feathers, then become a dance floor filled with the happy, laughing crew. No - they would be pissed off and sleepy and moaning at each other.

The one thing I cannot fault about this film is the dancing. Ash and Eddie decide to put a twist on popular street dance by infusing Latin. To do this they have to enlist Eva (Sofia Boutella), after having to persuade their crew. The phenomenal dancing is the only reason I wanted to see this film, and the only reason I'd recommend it to anybody.

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  1. StreetDance 2 is overall a great movie to watch and enjoy. I have see this many times but never feel boring.