Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fish Fingers and Custard.

If the Doctor says it's good - then it MUST be! 

Today (3rd April) has been named Official Fish Fingers and Custard Day! This is in celebration of the second anniversary of the famous scene in episode one of series five, The Eleventh Hour. 

The Doctor (Matt Smith) is going through the regeneration process and has a "new mouth, new rules". Young Amelia Pond gives him, Yoghurt ("stuff with bits in"), bacon ("Are you trying to poison me?"), baked beans (which are "evil"), and bread and butter (which he throws out of the front door and orders to "stay out"). The frustrated and hungry Doctor then raids her fridge-freezer and finds what he needs "fish fingers and custard" - and alas the trend begun. 

Matt Smith confessed that during filming what he ate was not even fish fingers - but breaded cakes. He has since however joined the fad and had his first taste of the sweet-savoury snack on the Christmas Eve episode of The Graham Norton Show. With a full mouth of fish custard Matt uttered that it was "alright, yeah". The general opinion in the studio was that it was alright. Not disgusting, but not great. 

Shopping List: Fish Fingers, Custard. 
So on this day, I decided to finally partake. Me and my boyfriend, both mad Whovians, walked through the aisles of Morrisons supermarket with a basket containing a packet of 10  fish fingers, and one pot of Ambrosia custard. 

My boyfriend, Matt (not Smith), said that he doesn't like custard and doesn't like fish fingers -so we were off on a good start. I like both but was still weary. Matt admitted though that the custard improved the taste of fish fingers, which is a definite positive. 

Weary Matt

Matt: "It's not bad actually"

Note the Doctor Who T-Shirt. ;) I'm a nerd.