Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Battleship - Film Review

I can now happily say that this film beat my expectations. The trailer I saw in the cinema focused on the CGI alien attacks, explosions, and a clip of Rihanna saying "Boom" - Not my cup of tea.

Having been made by the same people who brought us the Transformers films, excessive CGI is expected, but what the trailer barely hinted at is that there is a story there too and comedy - so really there is a little bit for everyone. My preconceptions led me to believe that only CGI fanatics, and rowdy men wanting to look at Rihanna would be wanting to view this film. I was wrong. I found myself actually enjoying it, but perhaps this is because I had such low expectations to begin with - So don't go to see it with high expectations, or you'll be disappointed. I don't want to get your hopes up, the film was not amazing, just better than I'd thought it would be.

Rihanna's acting skills were also better than imagined as she played the part of a macho marine. No-one however, is more macho and manly than the protagonists boss and potential father-in-law, who is played by Liam Neeson. A man who in every role played, is a manly tough guy - because well, let's face it - he can't act as anything else with that voice!

The film which had been inspired and based on the classic naval combat game, also named "Battleship", sees five unidentified-flying-objects heading for Earth, before one breaks off (later discovered to have been the communications device) and the others land in the sea just out from Hawaii. The naval forces, who have all coincidently been residing just off of Hawaii for a sports comp,  are thrusted into battle. Their enemy, lizard-like-iron-men, are more powerful and advanced and on a mission to 'phone home' and gather the rest of their species for a takeover. It is now the role of default ship leader and films protagonist, Hopper, to thwart their plans. 

Battleship: Game on ?!

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