Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mirror Mirror - Film Review

Director Tarsem Singh, has taken the well known naive-apple-eating-domestic-princess and transformed her into an ass-kicking version of her former self, who needs not to be saved by the prince, but wishes only to save the kingdom which is rightfully hers - and ends up saving the prince along the way.

Despite being one of the only groups in the cinema without children, the film was still entertaining and not directly aimed at children, with adult humour and humour that the kids will understand too. The film was thoroughly entertaining, containing the perfect hint of Fairytale magic and modern twists.

Lily Collins (Daughter of Phil Collins) plays Snow White in the modern adaptation. This is her first film role. In this adaptation, Snow breaks her evil stepmothers rules, and leaves the castle on her 18th birthday, witnessing how the people no longer sing and dance all day. After a failed attempt at getting the Prince to help her gain her rightful place on the throne, the evil queen (Julia Roberts), sends her right hand man, Brighton, to kill her in the woods. Brighton, however, fails to do the deed and instead instructs Snow to "run!". She finds safety in the woodland home of seven banished 'uglies' - Also known as the seven dwarfs. The seven of them do what Snows father had felt he would not be able to achieve (because she is a girl) and teach Snow how to fight. Showing little girls everywhere that they can achieve anything.

Whilst the training is taking place, and the whole kingdom believe Snow to be dead, the Queen gets her clutches on the Prince and manipulates him into fighting for her. The Queen then also has a brainwave of how to end her financial problems - Marry the Prince. How though could she get this 'smooth, hairy' Prince to agree to this, when he is so clearly in love with Snow White - Magic. The Queen uses a love potion - which she later discovers to have been 'Puppy Love', on the Prince. The lovestruck pup then agrees to marry her and it is up to the Princess and her bandit dwarfs to save the day.

The film contains one thing which most traditional Fairytales lack - twists! I was surprised to have been surprised by this film and love that I was. Being a Fairytale it is of course a moral tale, so a good one for the kids - but one you shouldn't mind taking them to see. Some of the links to the original tale are also noticeable, and I like how they have entwined this with the modern take. Overall, this is definitely one to watch.

Naive-apple-eater to ass-kicking-sword-fighter. 

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