Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Lucky One - Film Review

Zac Efron just got sexy. He has lost his silly schoolboy crop, gained some muscles and landed himself a role as a United States Marine (Oooft). The Lucky One is an adaptation of the book by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song) which sees Logan (Zac) set off in search for his lucky charm, after his life is saved by discovering a picture of a woman in some rubble after a mission in Iraq.

The picture, with the words 'Keep Safe' written on the back, saves Logan's life twice - whilst others die around him. After returning to the States filled with the haunting traumas of military life, Logan makes it his new mission to track down his guardian angel, and thank her. This mission is made easier by the fact that the woman is standing in front of a landmark located in Louisiana. As you probably already know from the trailer, a love develops between Logan and his angel, Beth - but what Marine-bred-Logan fails to mention from the start is what brought him to Louisiana, and imagine being in her shoes when she finds out.

As with so many chick flicks, the film is filled with a lot of predictably, which is probably why the tears that welled in my eyes failed to fall. There were some moments which I did not see coming and characters I did not expect to see, but I predicted who the owner of the photo would be and I knew the outcome from the trailer - but it is the moments in between that you've got to look out for, these are the moments which are the most touching and gasp worthy. . . Oh and also sex scenes that made most of the all-female-but-two-audience jealous.

Zac Efron just got sexy. 

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