Thursday, 17 May 2012

American Pie: Reunion - Film Review

American Pie Reunion contains all the same ingredients as the previous films - showing that not even age, 'proper' jobs and married life can mature these lads. Though the film does of course contain the running jokes from the previous films (Stifler's mum, 'This one time at band camp' etc.), it is still easy to understand for those who have not seen them (my boyfriend).

It has been over a decade and the old gang come together for a messy weekend prior to their class of '99 school reunion. A lot has changed in their lives: Jim and Michelle have replaced their sex lives with a son, Jim's Dad is widowed, Oz is famous, and one thing remains the same - Stifler still does not trust Finch around his mum. Despite everything that has changed in the lives of the characters since we last saw them, when they're back together they soon revert back to their old ways.

This is definitely not the best of the films, and they certainly didn't save the best piece till last, but if you have seen the previous films then you are not allowed to leave the table until you have cleared your plate of pie. Just hopefully it is not the same pie that Jim ... you know.

You are not allowed to leave the table until you've cleared your plate of pie. 

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