Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Avengers Assemble - Film Review

Previously I have said the The Clash of The Titans was the best use of 3D I had seen so far. Avengers Assemble has beaten that. Similarly with Clash, Avengers really comes down to sibling rivalry (also funnily enough involving the Gods) and power struggles, but Avengers does it in a much more epic way. The rivalry in Avengers sees Loki again crying (not literally) over the fact that his brother Thor got the throne (continues from Thor's own film) and instead of throwing toys out of the pram he throws an army at the Earth. Loki wants to be the boot which stomps the ant (Earth), and to prevent this Nick Fury assembles Earth's mightiest heroes to defeat Thor's adopted brother. 

Usually I try not to get my hopes up with films that build up so much hype and anticipation, but with this film you can believe the hype. There were fears among fans pre-release as to whether having such a star studded cast would work, fans feared they would all be vying for attention. In the case of Iron Man it can be said that he is attention seeking, but that is just his character not the actor himself. There are evident power struggles between the characters (as to be expected) but it just makes for a hell of a more entertaining viewing. As the threat grows the team learn to play nicely and 'suit up' to to take on the demi-God who literally has an army falling from the sky at his will. 

The team shoot and smash their way to victory in this ultimate action film. It reaches so many ages and such a wide audience, bringing the comics out of the hands of the geeks and onto the big screen, and potentially giving the comic world a cool new look. Most people who have seen this film want to see it again almost immediately, I know people who have seen it 3 times already - it is a hit with the sales and it is a hit with me.

If they can't protect this Earth, they're sure as hell going to Avenge it.

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