Monday, 12 March 2012

The Vow - Film Review

Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) and Channing Tatum (Dear John) create the perfect on screen couple, that is until a car accident causes Paige to lose all memory of her unrealistically beautiful husband. Paige’s memory takes her back 5 years to when she was engaged to another man and studying at law school – a big contrast to the life she had been living, a married artist living in the city.

As with every typical Romance film Sucsy has included the clich├ęd standing-in-the-rain-scene, and knowing that Tatum is a lead you will find a few of the expected topless scenes. Putting these aside, the story of Paige and Leo is one based on true events, one based on the lives of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. Though the story has of course changed through its transition to the screen, Sucsy has still managed to maintain a sense of realism in the film, and though the story has altered it still hosts unpredictable moments as does real life.

The couple have many challenges to overcome (as if the challenge of Paige losing all memory of her husband wasn’t enough!) one of which being Paige’s dad, played by Sam Niell, who uses the accident to get Paige all to himself once more.

In true Romance film fashion they manage “find a way back to each other” as they’d vowed, despite this the outcome is still one which was not expected, unless of course you were already aware of the story of the Carpenters. The story is both touching and heart-warming and is sure to bring you near tears.  

The unrealistically beautiful couple ...  

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