Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Decoy Bride - Film Review

The only good thing about The Decoy Bride is that it has David Tennant in it. Granted I laughed-out-loud on one occasion, so yes it is partially funny. Also, it is a Rom-Com - typically feel-good movies, which this is - an upbeat romance story which makes the viewer feel good. I’ll probably watch this again, because it is a fun feel-good movie, oh and it has DT in it. Other than that, the film hasn't got a whole lot going for it.

The film is set on the “sleepy island of Hegg” where American actress Lara Tyler (Kelly Macdonald) slips away with her British author fiancĂ© James Arber (David Tennant) to get married without disruptions from the press. Obviously nothing goes to plan and when stalker paparazzi, Marco Ballani, is found creeping around the island a ‘decoy bride’ is employed to keep him off the scent, and to stop him snapping that all important picture. The decoy (Alice Eve) ‘accidentally’ signs her own name on the marital register, becoming Mrs Arber, and in case you didn’t guess – she falls in love with him. Incredibly predictable.

If you love David Tennant (like me) or enjoy feel-good films that will make you smile and occasionally laugh, then watch this film. If you are one of those who don’t see the attraction in David Tennant or enjoy suspense, twists, and surprise endings – then don’t waste your money. 

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