Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Procrastination - not necessarily a bad thing.

I procrastinate - a lot. 

At university my class know me as the Queen of The Last Minute Club, not a title I'm necessarily proud of, nor one I aim to keep - in fact I've tried avoiding it. Losing this title appears as difficult as losing any addiction.

Obviously there are some ways I could drop the imaginary crown, becoming more organised may be a start. I could stop putting things off, telling myself "That's next month, I have ages." only to find that next month starts tomorrow (I've done this more than once).

Organisation isn't the only problem. I often just put the problems off, leaving them for future-Shelby to deal with, then she puts them off for future-future-Shelby to do, who then panics and curses past-Shelby.

Sometimes, of course, living in the moment and being happy right now is great - but it's also stupid. I waste time worrying and stressing, when if I got things done straight away I would have nothing to worry about in the future.

BUT - sometimes procrastination is good. 

Sometimes having a break from endless work - voluntary, university assignments, or my job - is good.

Not only am I a university student, but I am also a part-time recreational assistant/bar staff at the local leisure centre, as well as being the MyUni editor of the Canterbury Christ Church (CCCU) page on HerUni, and a writer for the independent student magazine, The Medwire, and a publicist for my sisters upcoming charity event, Wales2Medway - it's hard enough trying to find a moment to breath while reading that list, let alone living it - is it any wonder I sometimes put tasks off? 

Procrastination in my case is often good as it means I can find a moment to breathe and fit a social life in between my busy schedule (I actually have to tell my friends "I'll check my diary" when they even suggest something as small as a lunch date). It also means I get a breather to enjoy 'me time' - quality time with myself is as important as any quality time with family and friends (without it I would appear even less sane than I already do).

Right now, for instance, I am supposed to be editing and uploading an editorial for CCCU MyUni - but quite frankly, I needed a break. One-hour-in-the-future-Shelby can deal with that one, because I am too busy writing my first personal blog for far too long, eating a dinner despite not even being hungry, and having an indulgent skim of Cosmopolitan magazine.

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