Thursday, 11 July 2013

Feeling old

Today at work I felt old.

I work at a leisure centre doing a bit of everything, and today my job was to supervise a school trip at the centre - my old secondary school.

Some of the same teachers were there, but a lot had changed about the school - which I could tell before chatting to the year 9 pupils. I was in their year group six years ago. I was last at the school two years ago, when I was a sixth former. And today I was in charge of them. How weird is that?

I'm no stranger to being in charge of groups of school children. Every half term I work at a kids club at the centre, and most weekends I run children's birthday parties at the centre too - but this was different, this was my old school. 

The kids were calling me "Miss", and not only were the kids listening to me - but the staff were too. The teachers who once had authority over me were now following my instructions. Any pupils dream, surely?

This isn't the only thing making me feel old at the moment though, my birthday is looming. 

I am going to be turning twenty. While that may seem like one of those insignificant birthday's to many, for me it's frightening. I realise twenty isn't actually old, really in the scheme of things it's the beginning - but at the same time it marks an end. The end of my teen years, and in turn too my childhood.

As one friend described it: "The next decade is when I need to achieve the most" - the twenties are important, which is frightening. 

Luckily, like the picture on this post says - I may be getting older, and getting more responsibilities, but it doesn't mean I have to grow up. As my Gran says: "You're as old as you feel."

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  1. I felt exactly the same when I was turning 20! I've not long turned 25, and trust me that's a scary one haha. Glad to have found your blog, now following you. Maybe check out mine and follow back if you like it ? :) x