Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Make Mistakes - Regret Nothing.

I have grown into the strong belief that there really is no such thing as a regret. We only regret mistakes, and mistakes are there for us to learn from. A mistake is just another category of 'lesson', taught by that teacher everybody likes to moan about - life. 

Watching 'This Means War' recently a character, FDR, says how "Mistakes make us who we are" - and he instantly managed to par the physical attractiveness of his co-star, Tom Hardy, because of this intelligent remark. 

I think about all of the things which I could class as regrets or mistakes, then realise how much they've taught me, and how much I have changed as a person because of them. How can I regret anything that has made me who I am today? 

Bad choices in men and friendships, unwise spending of money and time, exchanging mean words and poor attitudes. As with most people I have done each of these, but all have taught me and moulded me into who I am today.

If I hadn't made bad choices in men and friendships, I wouldn't know how to pick the good ones. If I hadn't spent my money and time unwisely, I wouldn't know how to spend it more sensibly. If I hadn't exchanged mean words and acted badly toward others, I wouldn't know the consequences.

You can't make a perfect pancake without tossing a few away in the process, just like we all must make mistakes in order to better ourselves. That's just how lessons work - and life never stops teaching us. 

Make mistakes, regret nothing. 

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